Jonathan Tepperman, January 2017

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Jonathan Tepperman has a positive outlook for the world—if we only look to success stories around the globe for guidance. Tepperman will discuss solutions to seemingly unsolvable issues from every corner of the world from political gridlock and religious extremism to inequality.


Jonathan Tepperman is an acclaimed journalist and the managing editor of Foreign Affairs. Tepperman travelled globally to interview the world’s top political leaders to gain indepth knowledge on how they were able to solve the unimaginable.

Tepperman grew up in Canada, studied English at Yale and law at Oxford and NYU. He is a frequent contributor to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Atlantic.


  • “Tepperman makes a compelling case, in lively and personal prose, that strong leaders willing to forsake political orthodoxy for good ideas can actually solve the toughest problems the world faces.”

—Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of Unfinished Business

  • “Along comes this wonderful, intelligent, well-written book that tells us about all the solutions. This book will inform and enlighten you—and cheer you up.”

—Fareed Zakaria, author of The Post-American World

  • New York Times calls The Fix an “indispensable handbook.”

  • Longlisted for the 2016 Financial Times Business Book of the year.