Adm. Mike Mullen


Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen
Former  Chairman
Joint Chiefs of Staff

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 6:30pm

Hosted by Tom & Ingrid Edelman at their home.

(Upper East Side – Address to be given upon confirm RSVP)




Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen has much to share on national defense, foreign affairs and our nation’s security – from combat readiness to economic strength. Considered one of the most influential Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in history, he has contributed much to the evolution of our defense thinking.

One of his major approaches has been to balance strategic risk around the globe by acknowledging “a ‘multi-nodal’ world characterized by shifting interest-driven coalitions based on diplomatic, military, and economic power, than by rigid security competition between opposing blocks.” Chinese military modernization and expansion, and North Korean and Iranian nuclear proliferation, he believed, presented particularly significant risks to regional stability and open access to the global commons. To mitigate these risks he proposed a geographically distributed, operationally resilient, and politically sustainable expeditionary force capable of conducting full-spectrum operations with its international partners. The establishment of US Africa Command in 2007 and US Cyber Command in 2010 reflected the wide range of emerging 21st century challenges.

Mullen was only the third officer in the Navy’s history to be appointed to four different four-star assignments, including the Chief of Naval Operations; Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe; Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples;, and Vice Chief of Naval Operation. He retired from the Navy after over 43 years of service. He serves on many boards and is now a Professor at Princeton University.


Event Photos


From left: Gayfryd Steinberg, Michael Shnayerson, Christy Ferer, Tom Edelman, Kim Taipale, Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen


 From left: Joseph Fichera, Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen, Peter Marone, Kim Brizzolara, Admiral Mullen, Robert Pietrzak

From left: Tom Edelman, Chele Chiavacci Farley, Fred Bacher, Claudine Bacher, Stuart Sundlun, John Loeffler

From left: Oxana Adler, Sebastian Ficht, Toby Horn, Morley Klausner, Ivy Engel, Stuart Sundlun, Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen, Tom Edelman


From left: Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen, Ingrid Edelman, Tom Edelman, Maureen White, Admiral Mullen


From left: Steven Feinman, Martin Sklar, Robert Pietrzak, Nancy Fuchs, Tom Edelman, Betsy Seidman,