The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards – Friday, May 10

The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards
Friday, May 10, 8:00am – 3:00pm

The Common Good Forum is a one-day program of the top headline issues and the most important, forward-looking ideas. We are building an incredible roster for the event highlight of our year with more than 30 participants from government, media, business, foreign affairs, activism, tech, and more.

Our theme this year is “Rethinking the Democracy Compact.”
The very foundations of our nation and the global order have shape-shifted: institutions and gatekeepers are bypassed, societal norms are reorienting, and governments are being rejiggered  - for better or worse. What drives these changes, how do they impact our democracy’s future? Most importantly, how we can harness them?

We will present fascinating discussions on the global transformations underway – greatest international threats and changes from new geopolitical escalations and vacuums; national challenges and our inability to confront our biggest transformations from broken government to gross economic disparities and climate change; growing a vibrant economy and jobs for today and tomorrow; the high-tech and social media revolution and its dangers and opportunities; our shifting political realities, the 2020 race and the impact of activism, immigration, populism, and identity; Fake news and pressure on journalism and freedom of the press here abroad; new scientific and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and gene editing – in short, configuring anew for a society that is human-centred, inclusive and sustainable.   

We will have a few tributes as well.  
We are very proud to announce our special tribute for Courage in Journalism with Lesley Stahl and Sir Harry Evans for and their investigative efforts for decades. Bill Browder, CEO, Hermitage Capital, will be highlighted for his activism in creating the Magnitsky Act to combat human rights abuses and corruption around the globe.

Our American Spirit Award honors remarkable individuals who have contributed to making our great nation even better. It is the capstone of The Common Good Forum. Previous honorees have included thought leader Fareed Zakaria, former Secretary of State John Kerry, General David Petraeus, Senator John McCain, former President Jimmy Carter, Congressman John Lewis, and many other extraordinary individuals.

We also award an emerging young trailblazer making meaningful change with a scholarship. Last year we recognized student activist and school shooting survivor David Hogg, and will continue to expand the program this year.  

Hear the best speakers.  
We’ve had standing room only for electrifying speakers such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Garry Kasparov, Alec Baldwin, Congressman Mike Rogers, Kerry Kennedy, Secretary of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Teresa Shook, who inspired the Women’s March, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway, journalist Carl Bernstein, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and General Michael Hayden.

The Common Good Mission.
The Common Good has become one of the nation’s premier nonprofit, nonpartisan platforms presenting outstanding voices to discuss national policies and trends affecting our nation. Our mission is to uphold and support the highest ideals of our democracy through (1) informed open debate and a responsible, unfettered press; (2) the active engagement of our citizens starting with the vote; (3) the opportunity for all to better themselves and their families; (4) good governance accountable to the people; and (5) protection of our natural resources, including our people, our land and our waters.

The Common Good will be announcing additional honorees and speakers in coming days and weeks.

Join us on Friday, May 10th, 2019, for an incredible powerhouse event!




Join us on Friday, May 10th, 2019!

We will be announcing more awardees, speakers, guests, and details about the Forum, so watch this space!