The Common Good is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that strives to inspire broad participation in our democracy through the free exchange of ideas and civil dialogue and seeks to find ways to bridge the growing divisions that threaten our nation. We are dedicated to finding common ground and, through forums and initiatives, encourage the civic engagement so essential for a thriving democracy.


What Are We Up To?
We trade rancorous tirades for civil arguments. We bring together leading (and often opposing) activists for informal discussions, not lectures. Equally important, we create campaigns and initiatives to encourage vigorous participation in our democracy. We’re out to bridge the chasm that divides the nation’s extremes. And we’re reaching out to ‘the great middle’ of the nation—to those who often make the difference in elections.

Isn’t That Already Happening? No.
These days, such discussion has too often been replaced by emotion and anger—just the environment that demagogues and hate- mongers thrive in. The Common Good goes beyond the shrill discussions of the 24- hour news cycle, and protects the truth from being hijacked by partisanship. We cannot afford to wait for the next crisis in energy, national security, debt overload or job depletion. Everyone can do their part – and we will bring together people of good will and good common sense to do theirs.

What Motivates Us?
For the first time in the history of our nation, our children face a future that may be bleaker than our own. That’s why we’ll work to whip up public interest on the hot topics of the day and inspire citizens to get engaged, come together and move the country forward.

• Educate and empower members on issues of public importance.
• Encourage reasoned national debate and support the free exchange of ideas.
• Promote active participation in the democratic process and empower individual to “make a difference”.
• Ensure freedom of press and speech.
• Support tolerance for differing points of view.
• Seek new ideas.
• Encourage solutions to problems by finding common ground.
• Challenge our leaders and hold them accountable.


In 1988 a group of entertainment and business professionals banded together to form Show Coalition, an entertainment network to inform, connect and involve those affiliated with the entertainment industry into political affairs and public policy. Entertainment executives, writers, directors, producers, actors, agents, and others in the community joined together for informational forums, conferences and initiatives in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Show Coalition has been credited with playing a critical role in creating the Hollywood/Washington nexus of entertainment activism during that community’s most politically active years.

The Common Good was formally organized in New York City in 2007. As with Show Coalition, TCG hosts a variety of forums for thought leaders from across the political spectrum. It has created strategic alliances with other organizations and brought a steady stream of exciting speakers and has created The American Spirit Awards to honor those who make a difference in public affairs and civic life. The Common Good seeks to focus on increasing citizen participation in the political process and what can each do to help move our country forward.More about Show Coalition, precursor organization to The Common Good:”Week in and week out, an assortment of Hollywood producers and lawyers and mangers rub the sleep from their eyes in the early mornings. Calling themselves the Show Coalition, they fill standing-room-only breakfast meetings to hear and question a parade of national political leaders. At night in their homes, they conduct talking sessions. And on weekends, it’s issue seminars. These are not fund-raisers but rather the breeding grounds for broader and more organized political activity by Hollywood.” -LA Times. Full article below: