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The Common Good is a membership organization that consists of professionals with an interest in public policy and politics. The Common Good encourages civil dialogue and good government and presents the highest caliber thought leaders, innovators, and trendsetters in politics, business, and culture for candid discussions on the pressing issues of the day. 

What do these historymakers have in common? 

Paul Krugman ∙ General David Petraeus ∙ Bill Clinton ∙ Arianna Huffington ∙ Mitch McConnell
∙ Eric Schmidt ∙ Mike Bloomberg ∙ Mark Ruffalo ∙ Nancy Pelosi ∙ Jeh Johnson
∙ Brandon Stanton ∙ Kirsten Gillibrand ∙ Henry Kissinger ∙ Gloria Steinem ∙ Lindsey Graham
∙ John Kerry∙ Michael Chertoff ∙ Cory Booker ∙ Grover Norquist ∙ Sergey Kislyak 

*They are among many of the speakers who have appeared at The Common Good.

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Debate and the free flow of ideas is fundamental to our democracy.  Meet national and international leaders. Learn about new ideas and major advances that affect YOUR life. Help create the environment for good policy and good government—and find the common ground to get things done.
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